Mary Tyler Moore, the beloved television icon who rose to fame in the ’60s on The Dick Van Dyke Show and later shattered the glass ceiling for women on television as the star of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, died Wednesday at 80.

In the wake of her death, celebrities paid tribute to the actress on social media, mourning the seven-time Emmy winner with a series of heartfelt posts.

“A great lady I loved and owe so much to has left us,” wrote her former co-star Ed Asner. “I will miss her. I will never be able to repay her for the blessings that she gave me.”

In a statement to EW, Moore’s costar from 1967’s Thoroughly Modern Millie, Julie Andrews, called her a “very dear friend.”

“We bonded instantly on the film,” Andrews said, “and laughed our way through the production. Ever since that time, we never referred to each other again as Julie and Mary. Whenever we bumped into each other, people must have thought us nuts…screaming across some shopping aisle in a supermarket or yelling to each other down the corridors of CBS…’Millie! Miss Dorothy!'”

“She was a joy to work with, her talent was monumental. She was brave, kind, generous and an activist for many causes,” Andrews continued. “I will miss my ‘Miss Dorothy’ so much, but I’m comforted to know that the joy she brought us all will be everpresent in her many films and television shows.”

Moore’s friend Larry King also expressed his condolences, tweeting, “Mary Tyler Moore was a dear friend and a truly great person. A fighter. Rest in peace, MTM.”

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