By Evan Slead
January 25, 2017 at 12:30 PM EST

Drive Share takes a moment to point out the often ridiculous experiences passengers have while getting to their destination using modern car services, and EW has your first look at the hilarious trailer.

The go90 and Complex Networks series, created by the comedic minds of Paul Scheer (Fresh Off the Boat, The League) and Rob Huebel (TransparentChildrens Hospital), takes a balls-to-the-wall look at our modern traveling modes, with some help from comedy talent gold, including Adam Pally, Andrew Daly, and of course, the creators themselves.

From Mad Max parodies to social commentary on race, the above teaser trailer shows each ride will be full of unique experiences, for better or worse. “I want to spend time with my adult friends and do things that adults do, like drink martinis and eat prescription pills,” says one flippant mother to her child.

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“I know this is the part of the press release where we are supposed to say something pithy but I’m really drawing a blank, so I’ll just say this might be the most accessible and important comedy show ever to be seen! Even more than Scandal,” said Scheer.

“Finally a show that makes fun of the dude who picks me up and thinks that we’re gonna be friends because he knows where I live. That’s not how friendship works, Steve. Please stop calling me,” added Huebel.

The debut season premieres Monday, Jan. 30 on

Watch the trailer above.