Cigar in mouth and MAGA hat on head, Triumph witnessed the dawn of a new era

Credit: TBS

Donald Trump wasn’t the only one who successfully reinvented himself this election season. Just as the former host of The Apprentice went from washed-up reality star to President of the United States, so too did Triumph the Insult Comic Dog transform himself into a political commentator in the acidic Hunter S. Thompson mold. Following up on his specials covering the primary campaigns and nominating conventions, Triumph went to Washington, D.C., to cover Trump’s inauguration in a dispatch for Conan.

“It’s gray and overcast,” Triumph noted of Friday morning’s less-than-ideal weather. “The sun, just one more of the many big stars who refused to show up for this event.”

Triumph got out into the crowd, talking and joking with Trump voters throughout the ceremony. He even had his own “Make America Great Again” hat. But Triumph wasn’t afraid to antagonize these Trump voters either, as when he provided his analysis of Trump’s inaugural address.

“What a powerful speech it was,” Triumph said. “I liked the reverent nod to FDR, when Trump declared that the only thing we have to fear is fear itself — and also Muslims, Mexicans, most of the Middle East, all of Africa except South Africa, BuzzFeed, Access Hollywood, chemtrails, lizard people, undercover cops posing as hookers, Saturday Night Live, and backstabbing Bruce Springsteen cover bands.”

Watch the clip above.

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