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Throwing ShadeSeason 1 GalleryBryan Safi and Erin Gibson
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Comedians Bryan Safi, 36, and Erin Gibson, 37, actually get paid to talk smack about pop culture — the ultimate dream! Now their beloved snarktastic podcast Throwing Shade is a late-night talk show on TV Land (Tuesdays, 10:30 p.m. ET). In anticipation of their onscreen debut, they offer a taste of the shade to come.

The Bachelor
Safi admits he used to be "addicted" to the reality series — but life got in the way. "My heart is in a different place," he says. "It belongs to my dog now." Gibson, however, only has eyes for Bachelor in Paradise. "It's exactly what reality TV should be," she says. "Garbage, people not giving a f—, just f—ing each other, being mad, and getting kicked off and brought back on." Or to sum it all up: "It's chaos."

Fuller House
Gibson has no mercy for this reboot: "All Fuller House reminds me of is being in school, having homework, dreading Sunday evening, and having panic attacks because I've got braces and Sun-In in my hair," she says. "It's a time and place I wouldn't like to go back to." Safi, though, is "shamefully comforted" by the Netflix revival. "It feels a little bit like a blanket," he says.

Harry Potter
No one will have to fight these two for a spot at Hogwarts. "If I had a kid, I would give them the books," Safi says. "But I refuse to read them." Gibson's equally apathetic: "The only wigs and capes I want to see are on drag queens."

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Donald Trump's Inauguration Lineup
A-list stars stayed away from the president-elect's swearing-in, leaving less high-profile acts like the Rockettes and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir to headline the events. "I feel like even my greatest, great-great-grandmother would be like, ‘This is lame,'" Safi says. Gibson's in full agreement: "I'd rather watch Velveeta melt and then burn in the microwave than watch the inauguration."

"Talk about a cult I'm willing to join," Gibson says of Shonda Rhimes' ABC empire. "I'll watch the s— out of her TED talk; I'll read her book on an airplane," Safi adds. "I love everything about her."

Game of Thrones
As creator of Funny or Die's parody Gay of Thrones, Gibson knows a thing or two about the HBO fantasy drama. Safi, though? "I've never seen the show," he says. "But I hope the dragon wins."

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