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January 23, 2017 at 03:38 PM EST

CBS has ordered a drama pilot with a familiar-sounding set-up.

The project is about a former general counsel for the NSA who becomes “a whistleblower in an international scandal.” The character then “embarks on a new career at a storied law firm in Boston, facing the reality that while half the country thinks he’s our greatest patriot, the other half thinks he’s a traitor.”

The project is somewhat reminiscent, of course, of the journey of NSA whistleblower/leaker Edward Snowden — only instead of ending up as a fugitive in Russia, the character is apparently acquitted and goes to work for a law firm.

The show’s title is Perfect Citizen (which sounds a bit like a play on the Snowden documentary Citizen Four), and it’s from writer-producer Craig Turk (The Good Wife). 

Also: CBS has ordered Killer Instinct, based on a soon-to-be-published novel by the uber-prolific James Patterson.

The pitch: “A former CIA operative who has since built a ‘normal’ life as a gifted professor and writer is pulled back into his old life when the NYPD needs his help to stop a serial killer on the loose.” 

That’s from writer Michael Rauch (Royal Pains) and has Alan Cumming (The Good Wife) attached to act in the show as well as executive produce.

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