By Joey Nolfi
January 23, 2017 at 05:36 AM EST

America’s Next Top Model puts its contestants through the wringer: Sometimes they’re knocked off a runway by a giant pendulum after falling down a flight of stairs. Sometimes Janice Dickinson makes them “rat out their bitches” until they’re “dead” in her book. Sometimes they sprain their baby toe — and sometimes they have imaginary allergic reactions to nontoxic makeup.

On Monday’s episode of the long-running reality show, nine remaining model hopefuls prepare to film a music video with Rihanna/Drake collaborator Director X, but Courtney Nelson, cycle 23’s high-fashion stunner the judges have criticized heavily for being a “complainer” in the past, seems to be struggling with more than just her nerves ahead of the big shoot.

“I need to get it off. I’m allergic to nuts,” Nelson says in EW’s exclusive preview as she frantically paces around the hair and makeup tent. “My lips started getting burny and itchy. I should have let the makeup artists know [I’m] allergic to nuts because she mixed the lipstick when she went to retouch it.”

A perennial instigator, Marissa “I *clap* am *clap* not *clap* f—–g *clap* talking *clap* to *clap* you” Hopkins, rushes to Nelson’s side — not to comfort her, but with receipts in hand: For example, she shadily rattles off the product’s ingredients.

“You’re allergic to soybeans?” Hopkins asks, though Nelson counters by claiming the cosmetic mixture contains almond oil. In a confessional, Hopkins labels Nelson’s incessant whining as “annoying” and “overwhelming to even work with.”

In the end, Courtney carefully scans the tube of lipstick, and — surprise — there’s no almond oil to be found, and, ultimately, no models were harmed during the filming of the segment.

America’s Next Top Model airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on VH1. Check out Nelson going into “allergic reaction” panic mode below.

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