'Black-ish' star Anthony Anderson visited 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' to discuss the election episode of the ABC series, as well as call up Donald Trump on the phone.

By Evan Slead
January 21, 2017 at 11:19 AM EST

Black-ish star Anthony Anderson has some famous names in his cell phone, and while visiting Jimmy Kimmel Live Friday night he gave one of them a call on the air: Donald Trump.

After Anderson told the late-night host about his golfing days with then-businessman, Kimmel had questions. “Would you consider him a friend, an acquaintance, someone you know?” asked Kimmel. “I can call him on the phone right now. I’m not gonna say I’m his friend,” said Anderson. “He’s just a dude I know who happens to be President now.”

Kimmel took the phone part seriously, asking if the pair could call the 45th president live on the air. After waiting for a pickup, there was no luck, but Anderson used his signature humor to lighten the mood. “Hey man, clean out your mailbox! We’re trying to call!” Kimmel wasn’t done with the random celebrity calls, though, and after learning Oprah’s number was in Anderson’s phone, she became the next target.

“If the screen just suddenly goes to black it’s because Oprah had us destroyed,” said Kimmel. Sadly, her phone went to voicemail as well, but the duo was at least able to leave a message. “Hey Auntie O, I’m sitting next to Jimmy Kimmel, we’re doing the show live,” said Anderson. “I was kind of hoping you’d pick up the phone right now. I was trying to impress him and the audience.”

While Anderson didn’t watch the inauguration, his hit ABC series has been candid about the 2016 election, with an entire episode devoted to the events. “[Executive Producer/Creator Kenya Barris] wasn’t going to write anymore this season just because he has other things he’s working on, and when Trump was elected he felt compelled to write this episode, and I think did a masterful job at it.”

Jimmy Kimmel Live airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET on ABC.