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Welcome to the Spoiler Room, a safe place for spoiler addicts to come on a weekly basis to learn what’s coming next on their favorite shows and, hopefully, get a few of their own questions answered. If you want scoop on a specific show, send your questions to

Is Wyatt really going to find a way to stop his wife’s killer on Timeless? — Sandra
We won’t have to wait long to see what Wyatt does with the information — in fact, there’s an entire episode dedicated to it. However, Flynn has an ulterior motive in offering up that info. “He’s done it definitely for his own agenda. He’s trying to mess with him,” Goran Visnjic says. “His biggest agenda is that he wants to throw a spike in Wyatt’s wheel. He knows that Wyatt is not going to go there and kill the guy, so in order to do something, he needs to go back in the past. Are they going to give him the time machine? No. So what does Wyatt need to do? He has to do something crazy. Whatever crazy Wyatt does is good for Flynn.”

Will we see Famke Janssen back on The Blacklist before the spin-off? — Craig
According to Janssen, Scottie will not be back on the flagship before the launch of Redemption. But the actress warns there’s a ticking time bomb when it comes to Scottie’s erratic emotions about her missing son — especially once she finds out who Tom Keen really is. “There would be so much betrayal in it in the fact that he came in undercover, worked for her, didn’t tell her that he was his son obviously,” she says. “So I’d imagine — we’re not there [yet] — that if that comes to fruition, as much as there would be excitement she found her son, there would be some pain, hurt and confusion about why that was done the way it was done.”

Who’s cast as Tiger Lily for Once Upon a Time please? — Justine D

Paul Smith

I can exclusively reveal that Native American actress Sara Tomko (The Son) has been tapped to play Tiger Lily for at least two episodes — and that’s bad news for a former resident of Neverland. “As Captain Hook continues on his path to redemption, his dark past is never far away,” executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis tease. “He’s left a long line of adversaries and Tiger Lily is the latest to return and complicate his efforts to leave that past behind.”

Since Talia al Ghul is coming to Arrow, will we get to see her interact with Nyssa? — Kara
For now, we’ll just see Talia, but it sounds like that’s a possibility in the future. In describing how different Talia is to her sister, EP Marc Guggenheim says, “She’s definitely her own person; she’s not a Nyssa clone, by any stretch. You can definitely sense a familial resemblance. Having Ra’s al Ghul as your dad, it’s likely to forge a very specific kind of person. They’re close enough and different enough that I would love, at some point, to do a story with Nyssa and Talia.” And if you’re wondering why Oliver never mentioned crossing paths with her before, we will get an answer. “We’ll also be dealing very directly with the fairly obvious question, which is: Wait a second, when Oliver met Ra’s al Ghul, why didn’t he say, ‘Hey, wait a minute, I think I met your daughter back in Russia!'” Guggenheim says. “We have a very specific answer for that.”

Will we find out Alex’s fate in the winter premiere of Grey’s Anatomy? — Andrew
The entire premiere takes place in prison — but that doesn’t necessarily spell bad news for Alex. The episode follows Arizona, Jo, and Bailey as they head to a women’s prison (more info here), but you will get to see Jo’s take on Alex’s plans, which certainly made me question their future. Ahem.

When can we expect your scoop on The Flash? Thanks! — Lightning Rod
My full preview will post next week, but here’s a tease: “We’re going to see Cisco really realize what he can do,” EP Aaron Helbing says, teasing that fellow Viber Gypsy’s (Jessica Camacho) arrival will force Cisco to step up. “Gypsy is a very formidable adversary. He never realized the extent of his powers, and because of seeing Gypsy, he’s going to become more and more in tune with his powers and what he can do, whether it’s crossing dimensions or opening breaches much faster and quicker. He’s going to be building confidence, and that’ll definitely play into the rest of the season of helping Barry and the team stop Savitar from killing Iris.”

What’s coming up on Blindspot? — Carlynn
Roman won’t be the only one gaining new memories. “Jane starts to remember certain things about how mean she was to Roman,” Jaimie Alexander tells me. “Cade comes back into the picture. There’s an interaction in her past with Roman, Cade and herself, and she’s starting to remember certain things that she’s even worse than she thought she was.”

Where will Quantico pick up when it returns Monday? Any time jumps? — Chandra
No — at least not a significant one. At the end of the midseason finale, Alex tore the mask off of a terrorist only to find Ryan under it, but she won’t still be standing there in shock when the midseason premiere begins. “You start at a place where it’s almost like a recap of everything that’s happened,” Priyanka Chopra says of Alex’s first scene, in which Quantico’s heroine is being questioned to clear up what had happened after the bombing. The star adds that it’s a way for new viewers to understand the scenario if they’re watching the series on its new Monday night timeslot. But don’t worry: It won’t be a lengthy recap scene. “We’re at a point where there’s such a big conflict between Ryan and Alex,” she says, “so the episode still starts off in a dramatic way.”

Any FitzSimmons scoop from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.! — Eva
Now that Fitz is hiding the fact that he’s working on Aida’s head from Simmons, it’s certainly going to complicate things. “They’re 100 percent into their relationship, so their aim is to just carry on no matter what, but it does get tricky in terms of there’s so much conflict and ways for them to be torn apart,” Elizabeth Henstridge says. “With LMDs, Simmons has a fascination with it, but also her first instinct usually of something different is to fear it and try to get rid of it. Fitz isn’t wired that way, so that’s another cause of conflict. They’re trying. They have a lot of challenges coming up, but I’m hoping that they make it.”

Can Will actually trust his former partner on Colony? — Michaela
Considering Will currently has no way of getting him and Charlie back to the Los Angeles bloc, he doesn’t have much choice. “The question of whether he can trust Devon is one of the big dramatic threads, so we wouldn’t want to answer that question because that’s, I think, one of the things that compels you as an audience to watch their story,” Carlton Cuse says. “Obviously, we learn that Devon was kind of fulfilling her own agenda as an FBI agent and so now that Will has crossed paths with her again, the question is can he really rely on her?” That question will definitely get answered by next week!

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