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On the eve of Donald Trump’s ascension to President of the United States, Stephen Colbert leaned on someone special to him to look back at President Barack Obama’s work: Stephen Colbert.

“Now, I tried very hard to come up with a way to talk about Barack Obama’s legacy tonight,” the legitimate Colbert said. “But after looking at the scope of his Presidency, I realized that anyone who thinks they can sum up the last eight years in a few minutes would have to be a delusional egomaniac.”

“Did someone say delusional egomaniac?” the far-right Colbert responded, calling in from his cabin getaway in the “Mountains of Justice” he “shares” with Jon Stewart.

The Colberts made clear, due to intellectual property issues with Viacom and CBS, that the conservative Colbert was not from The Colbert Report; rather, that was his identical twin cousin, Stephen Colbert. Eventually, the second Colbert ran in from the woods to claim the desk.

“Well, well, well,” he said. “At long last, our America-hating, secret Muslim, lead-from-behind, terrorist fist-bumping, hope-y change-y, Apologist-in-Chief is leaving office. I just got one thing to say to him, and it’s tonight’s Werd: ‘Thanks, Obama.'”

See the clip below.

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