'It must always be about the people. All the people.'

By Derek Lawrence
January 19, 2017 at 06:39 PM EST
Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC; Drew Angerer/Getty Images

During his time on Scandal as Eli Pope, Joe Morton has mastered the art of delivering a powerful monologue. Now the actor is putting that skill to work with a message to Donald Trump.

On Thursday, one day before Trump is sworn in as president, the veteran actor channeled his Scandal character for an important and passionate video to the president-elect.

“Three hundred million. That is the number of people you are responsible for Mr. Trump,” he opened. “Not the number of voters — the number of people. There is a difference. One hopes it was the people who compelled you to run for office in the first place. You decided to run. Yes, you won, but it can never be about you — it must always be about the people. All the people.”

Morton continued, reminding Trump of the financially and culturally diverse population he is inheriting responsibility for.

“America is not just white men,” he stated. “If the deck is stacked against anyone, you can never be the white-man-in-chief, because everyone in the entire country is worth saving. Everyone. Mexicans, Muslims, gays, the handicap, people of color, poor people, women. Everyone in this country is worth saving.”

Morton concluded his nearly two-minute speech with one final message.

“In the face of darkness Mr. Trump, it is your responsibility to drag everyone into the light,” he said. “That, Mr. Trump, is the point of being president of these United States. At least that is the hope of American democracy.”

Watch the video below.

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