The game-changing season finale of NBC's 'The Good Place' took the premise of the show — or what we thought was the premise of the show — turned it on its head, and kicked it into the sun.

The Good Place - Season 1
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[SPOILER ALERT: This story contains plot details from Thursday night’s season finale of The Good Place.]

Well, everything good is now bad.

The dark, ambitious, game-changing season finale of NBC’s afterlife comedy The Good Place took the premise of the show — or what we thought was the premise of the show — turned it on its head, and kicked it clear into the sun.

Not-nice person Eleanor (Kristen Bell) had been erroneously admitted into a heavenly afterlife neighborhood where she met her assigned soul mate and indecisive academic Chidi (William Jackson Harper) and the kindly architect of the neighborhood, Michael (Ted Danson). After she was finally forced to out herself as the “glitch” in the Good Place, she faced banishment to the Bad Place, along with Chidi and fellow glitch, Florida DJ Jason (Manny Jacinto), and his assigned soul mate, the high-society-steeped Tahani (Jameela Jamil).

When all-knowing judge Shawn (Marc Evan Jackson) determined that the foursome had colluded to keep these glitches secret, he ruled that they would need to figure out which two of them would spend an eternity in misery. During the labored and chaotic negotiations, Eleanor had an epiphany, confirmed by Michael’s devilish laugh: The Good Place was actually the Bad Place, and they were already in their own form of hell. Michael admitted to the devious scheme: He had devised a plan for these four souls to torture each other for the term of 1,000 years. (In retrospect, he kicked a forkin’ dog into oblivion. We should have known!)

He then persuaded Shawn to give him another chance to perfect the ruse and erase their memories, but before he got final sign-off, Eleanor had just enough time to slip information nexus Janet (D’Arcy Carden) a piece of paper to jog her memory for the reboot; it simply read: “Eleanor, find Chidi.” Turns out, she would not know what a Chidi was. Also, she now has a jacked new soul mate.

Also also: There are some (eternally) burning questions to be pondered as the reset fun begins. For starters:

Can the quartet redeem themselves enough to be sent to the actual Good Place?

There is an actual Good Place, right? Will we get to see the actual Good Place?

Was the Medium Place even real?

Is it possible that the point system is still real or was this just another creation for this Bad Place?

What would’ve happened after 30 minutes if they didn’t decide who to send to the Bad Place?

Why would they build an entire neighborhood for just four people? (See: Time, energy.)

Why didn’t Eleanor write more on the paper, like “It’s a lie!” (It’s three extra words!)

Will season 2 follow similar adventures as season 1, but with new participants as the quartet tries to find their way back to one another?

Was Michael’s description of retirement actually true since he seems scared of failing again?

It seems that Shawn is Michael’s boss. Who is Shawn’s boss?

Who does Chidi really love? Does Tahani actually love Chidi?

Is Trevor real? Does he hail from another neighborhood of the Bad Place?

What happens to the quartet if Michael’s plan fails a second time?

When Eleanor landed in the new Good Place, the welcome sign said, “Everything is great!” instead of “Everything is fine.” What are the other changes to the new Good Place?

Does Doug Forcett — the Canadian kid who got high on mushrooms and guessed 92 percent of The Good Place — exist?

Can Todd the fireball monster come back, please?

Does this mean nap-flavored frozen yogurt doesn’t exist?

To review finale hints from Carden and creator Michael Schur, click here.

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