Netflix has unveiled a new clip for its upcoming Sundance documentary on JonBenet Ramsey in which a child actress questions the young beauty queen's murder.
Credit: Netflix

Casting JonBenet

Do you know who killed JonBenét Ramsey?

It’s a question that’s fascinated millions since the six-year-old beauty queen’s murder, one that takes on new, chilling context when posed by a fair-haired child actress clad in a star-spangled outfit — similar to one of Ramsey’s infamous pageant costumes — in a new clip for Netflix’s upcoming documentary Casting JonBenét.

The first-look footage from the reality-based project teases what appears to be a casting session involving eight young girls awaiting their turn to audition for the role of Ramsey as they line up inside a sound stage, chattering amongst themselves about the ill-fated youngster.

For Casting JonBenét, director Kitty Green trained her camera on the Colorado town where the still-unsolved murder occurred in 1996, crafting, over a period of 15 months, a stylized documentary hybrid that examines the “macabre legacy” of Ramsey, whose death would eventually become one of the most sensationally-covered child murder cases in history.

Credit: Netflix

The filmfeatures “responses, reflections, and even performances from the local community” pertaining to the murder’s aftermath, examining “how this crime and its resulting mythologies have shaped the attitudes and behavior of successive generations of parents and children,” according to a press release.

Ahead of its streaming and limited theatrical debut in April, Casting JonBenét debuts Sunday, Jan. 22 at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, where it is set to become the first nonfiction work from Netflix to compete in the U.S. Documentary competition. Check out a haunting preview of the film above.

Casting JonBenet
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