This MLK Day weekend, Trump's opponents started using the same weapons he used against President Obama
Seth Meyers talks John Lewis
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Martin Luther King, Jr. Day weekend did not make Donald Trump's ongoing presidential transition any smoother. After Georgia Congressman, and civil rights hero, John Lewis called Trump an "illegitimate" president on Friday, Trump followed with a series of tweets impugning Lewis and his district. Seth Meyers had a lot to say about the controversy during his A Closer Look segment Monday night.

"If you're wondering whether it's racist to assume Lewis' district is ‘crime-infested and falling apart' just because he's black, the answer is a hard yes," Meyers said. "Of course, as usual, Trump isn't even being consistent. He felt a little differently about Lewis' district, which includes most of Atlanta, back in 2006 when he wanted to build a high-rise there, saying, ‘It's a great location in a great city, I've loved Atlanta for years.' I guess I'm not surprised; Trump changes positions more often than a porn star with a bad back."

Republicans like Reince Priebus have rushed to defend Trump, saying that no one would have stood for similar questioning of President Barack Obama's legitimacy. Of course, as Meyers pointed out, Obama faced such questioning relentlessly, most notably from Trump himself and his accusations about the president's birth certificate.

"What kind of morally bankrupt person would question the legitimacy of Barack Obama's presidency? You'll never guess," Meyers said before a photo of Trump flashed on screen. "Oh, you guessed already? How fast did you guess? Was it right away, like before I even asked? You guessed right away, right?"

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