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Credit: Erica Parise / Netflix

Diets can be a pain. Santa Clarita Diets Sheila (Drew Barrymore) knows this better than anyone… because her diet involves eating humans.

Everything's fine until Sheila begins uncontrollably throwing up one day and seemingly dies. Once she wakes up, she doesn't have a heartbeat — but does have an appetite for raw meat. Specifically, human meat. And her husband Joel (Timothy Olyphant) is left to help her satiate her hunger.

"We have to kill someone who deserves it. I guess the prototype would be a young, single Hitler," Joel says in the trailer as they discuss potential dinner options. Sheila responds, "We'd be heroes!"

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But finding a young, single Hitler — and then killing them without any trace — is harder than it seems.

Santa Clarita Diet, from Better Off Ted creator Victor Fresco, premieres on Netflix Feb. 3. Watch the (very graphic) trailer above.

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