Late night shows are filled with spontaneous smooches
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Late night shows offer many things: political commentary, laugh-out-loud games, singalongs, and the occasional, totally random, often spontaneous kiss between host and guest.

Stephen Colbert, James Corden, and others have consistently smooched their guests, male and female, over the years. Perhaps it’s the late hour, or maybe there’s something other than water or coffee in those mugs. But, really, who cares the cause? It’s the love fests themselves we enjoy. To celebrate the invisible mistletoe that clearly sprouts from the ceilings of late night’s studios on both coasts, we’ve created GIFs of some of the most unforgettable recent late night lip-locks.

1. James Corden and Bryan Cranston
Bryan Cranston was a guest on The Late Late Show in January 2017 when he explained to host James Corden that he knew his wife was the one when an average, friendly kiss turned into something a little longer and more intense. Naturally, he offered the host a kissing demonstration to illustrate his point. Behold, the intense one:


2. Stephen Colbert and Andrew Garfield
On The Late Show, Stephen Colbert asked guest Andrew Garfield about his crowd-pleasing Golden Globes smooch with Ryan Reynolds, and the actor made it known that he was very comfortable kissing men. To prove it, he planted a kiss on Colbert — twice.


3. Conan O’Brien and Ryan Reynolds
Even before the 2017 Golden Globes, Ryan Reynolds got a late night kiss of his own. During a sketch on Conan in November 2016, he and Conan O’Brien recreated the iconic and very romantic kiss from The Notebook (for the fake film The Notebook 2), soaking wet and in full costume. We can’t imagine the star of The Notebook being anyone other that Ryan Gosling, but his fellow Ryan was a close second.


4. Stephen Colbert and Helen Mirren
In March 2016, Helen Mirren stepped onstage at The Late Show and planted a tender kiss on Colbert’s lips before she ever even sat down, an act which left him stunned and immobile. Finally, she seductively beckoned him to sit down. “I have been dreaming of doing that for about 15 years,” she confessed.


5. Stephen Colbert and Sally Field
Just one day after the Mirren affair, Sally Field followed Dame Mirren’s footsteps when she locked lips with Colbert, too. “I figure, Helen did it, why can’t I?” she said. Colbert was so overwhelmed that he took a moment to sit on the floor behind his desk.


6. Stephen Colbert and Jeff Daniels
The March 2016 kissing brigade on The Late Show continued with Jeff Daniels. The Divergent Series: Allegiant star got up close and personal just after Colbert introduced a clip from the film. “It’s been an eventful week for my face,” the host noted.


7. Stephen Colbert and Allison Janney
On The Late Show in July 2016, Colbert and Janney acting out a dramatic scene with the lyrics of Bon Jovi’s love ballad “Bad Medicine” seemed innocent enough, but after the two declaimed lines like “Your love is like bad medicine/Bad medicine is what I need,” Janney went in for a shocking climax.


8. James Corden and Ken Jeong
The mistletoe wasn’t invisible this time! When Jessica Alba held up the festive plant during an appearance on The Late Late Show in December 2016, Corden and Jeong locked lips, all while taking Alba’s own kissable Honest Company lipstick for a test drive.


9. James Corden and Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Those red holiday berries struck again in November 2015 when Joseph Gordon-Levitt visited The Late Late Show. This time, they really had an effect on the actor, who practically threw himself at the host, which sent Corden into quite the giggle-fit.


Did you notice that Jimmy Fallon is oddly absent from this list? While Fallon may be keeping his lips to himself on The Tonight Show, he did manage to get a smooch from Ellen DeGeneres on her daytime show in January 2017, just before he hosted the Golden Globe Awards. You can see that here.

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