Credit: Laurence Cendrowicz/Hartswood Films/BBC; CBS via Getty Images

The showrunner of Sherlock and Doctor Who is not mincing words when it comes to Donald Trump.

In an interview with EW, we asked British writer-producer Steven Moffat about the show’s villainous character Culverton Smith. Smith was introduced into the series last week as wealthy and famous media-loving mogul who is secretly a serial killer. Some have compared the look and portrayal of Smith (pictured above with Trump) to that of the president-elect. Was that comparison intentional by the producers?

“Only in the sense of a general disquiet about how celebrity seems to erase all other sins — in that sense, I suppose, it’s about the rise of celebrity,” Moffat said. “And now we have a completely unqualified man to be running America. It’s extraordinary and possibly fatal for the human race — that’s not an exaggeration. It might be the biggest mistake made in human history, giving that man the nuclear codes. So I think the idea is that celebrity allows you to transgress in ways that normal human beings are not allowed to. [Trump’s] admitted to sexual predator behavior — sexually assault, really — and that’s extraordinary to me. He’s not the only celebrity like that. He’s just about to become the most powerful one.”

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