By Joey Nolfi
January 16, 2017 at 07:55 AM EST

Across nearly two dozen cycles in 14 years, America’s Next Top Model has birthed some of the most cherished on-screen couples in television history: Justin Kim and Mamé Adjei, Lisa D’Amato and Cousin It, Brittany Hatch and her Fern Gully weave, Jade Cole and delusion — the list could go on forever, thanks in part to cycle 23’s Kyle McCoy and Marissa Hopkins, who continue ANTM’s tradition of ace coupling in EW’s exclusive preview from the show’s upcoming episode.

Though Kyle, a self-proclaimed queer intersectional feminist, found herself at the bottom of head judge Rita Ora’s call-out order for disappointing prominent fashion director Nichola Formichetti during last week’s editorial-inspired photoshoot, she seems to be picking herself up just fine with a little help from Marissa, who flirtatiously invites her to a late-night snuggle session in the flirtatious clip.

“There’s a lot of drama in the house right now. I just want to go and get away from all of them,” Kyle says in a confessional as footage of Marissa leading her downstairs plays onscreen. “I didn’t expect to necessarily hit it off with anybody in this house. Marissa is only 18 — almost 19-years-old — but very confident in the fact that she has a somewhat alternative sexuality, and she has really no hesitation with any of that.”

With an obnoxiously large Rimmel London banner flanking their tryst, Marissa plants a quick peck on Kyle’s lips before playfully backing away.

“Soon I’ll be 19 in like, a month from tomorrow,” Marissa muses as Kyle hangs her head. “How do you feel about that? Honestly, let’s talk about that, because you made a point that it makes you uncomfortable.”

Kyle responds: “I just want to kiss you and lay on top of you,” to which Marissa jokingly fires back: “That sounds like something that would make somebody uncomfortable with that kind of stuff even more uncomfortable.”

With little hesitation, the pair leans in for a mutual kiss, one that Marissa admits she “wasn’t expecting.”

Check out the full video below, and be sure to tune in to a new episode of America’s Next Top Model Monday at 10 p.m E.T. on VH1 for the kiss’ aftermath.