Alan Tudyk plays Bruce Wayne's cousin, Van Wayne, on NBC's DC comedy
Alan Tudyk in Powerless (screen grab) CR: NBC
Credit: NBC

Meet the cousin of Bruce Wayne — or B Dubs, as he’s known by the fam.

Powerless, NBC’s comedy series set in the world of DC Comics, introduced another connection to Batman in the latest promo. Alan Tudyk plays Van Wayne, who runs a subsidiary of Wayne Enterprises called Wayne Security, specializing in technology that protects regular people from superheroes.

In the comics, Vanderveer Wayne was a spoiled rich kid who often caused problems for his cousin. He doesn’t seem all that different in Powerless. “I’m more of a big picture guy,” he says, standing in front of a framed photo of himself. “Look at that picture. That picture’s huge.”

Watch the promo below.

Vanessa Hudgens leads the cast as Emily Locke, Wayne Security’s new director of research and development. As shown in previous trailers, there will be other references to the Dark Knight, like Locke’s copy of Wayne or Lose.

Danny Pudi, Christina Kirk, and Ron Funches also star in Powerless, which premieres on NBC Thursday, Feb. 2 at 8:30 p.m. ET.

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