The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 4
Credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Jimmy Fallon, Claire Danes, and J.K. Simmons are the crack news team that can’t stop cracking up.

The trio starred in a sketch for The Tonight Show on Friday night spoofing all those journalist puns and jokes that run rampant among TV anchors — except this team for WTXP New York’s Local 4 News enjoys them a little too much.

Here’s a classic: “The New York City Counsel is holding a vote on whether or not to ban horse carriages in Central Park,” Danes said as anchor Diane Hall. “Well, I for one hope they vote nay,” Fallon responded as Steve Powell.

Simmons joined later in the segment as stoic weatherman Hugh Morris, who was not in on the jokes. He turned the beat around in the end, though, for the team’s special news chant that devolved into a confetti-filled dance party.

Watch the sketch below.

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