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Welcome to the Spoiler Room, a safe place for spoiler addicts to come on a weekly basis to learn what's coming next on their favorite shows and, hopefully, get a few of their own questions answered. If you want scoop on a specific show, send your questions to

Is Iris really going to die on The Flash? — Carrie

I fear even if Barry can change the future, time may still be owed a death. But executive producer Andrew Kreisberg is staying mum in that regard. "Whether they do get out of it is the question," Kreisberg says. "In an upcoming episode, they learn a little bit more about the future and they now have a list of things they know will occur between now and May. Their operating principle is can they stop enough of these things to change time? They have a little bit of a road map. It reminds me of Oliver's list. They've got a mission every week to see if they can change the future."

Are we going to meet Jo Wilson's husband on Grey's Anatomy this season? — Mary

Camilla Luddington tells me she hasn't yet heard plans to bring him on this season, but she believes the introduction of Jo's abusive husband is inevitable. "I feel like it's this thunderstorm that's on its way," Luddington says. "I imagine it'll happen at some point. I'm almost wondering if it'll happen more when she's at a point where it's a little more calm because she's in a lot of turmoil about Alex and everything that's happened; it kind of destroys her. So I think when it gets calm, maybe he'll show up. I feel like he has to because it's Grey's Anatomy and that's what they do; we bring people back from your past who are unexpected. He's been the elephant in the room for a long time now, and I think it's time to meet him."

What can you say about Laurel's return to Arrow? — Bryan

While executive producer Marc Guggenheim declined to comment on what the Laurel Lance reveal in the super-spoilery winter premiere promo means, EW asked him whether Arrow has long-term plans for the future of Laurel Lance. "The episode ends with laying a very specific seed with a very specific game part on our part that we hope to see come to fruition," Guggenheim says. So make of that what you will.

How will the rest of the team react to a potential Philinda romance on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? — Teresa

While Chloe Bennet says it's weird for her to see Clark Gregg and Ming-Na Wen cozying up (she likens it to watching her brother and sister make out), Daisy Johnson has a very different reaction to a Coulson and May romance. "She thinks it's cute," Bennet tells me. "She loves these two people and they deserve happiness at work and not at work." But don't expect Daisy to necessarily notice anything amiss with May. "It's hard to tell because she already is so distant, so maybe the thing that Daisy would notice most is the whole lack of distance and the pique of her interest in things that maybe she wouldn't be interested in," she says. "It'll be an interesting reveal when the team finds out." Plus: Have you seen this?

Anything This is Us? — Hailee

The Big Three — as in Sterling K. Brown's Randall, Chrissy Metz's Kate, and Justin Hartley's Kevin — are off again this week, just one week removed from a five-week hiatus. But the show is not. Allow me to explain: Tuesday's episode of This Is Us will break form a bit, unspooling an episode that solely takes place in the past — and more specifically, the day leading up to the events of the pilot when Rebecca gave birth. In addition to focusing on Rebecca and Jack, the episode will showcase Dr. K and branch out even further, giving viewers the backstory of a character who was only seen for only a few seconds in the pilot. "We see the fireman who found Randall in his fire station and follow him for the 24 hours leading to a doorbell ringing in his fire station and seeing a baby delivered there," creator Dan Fogelman says.

How will Kara react to James suiting up as Guardian on Supergirl? — Jason

Timing is everything, so James and Winn waiting to reveal to the Girl of Steel that they're a vigilante duo is for the best. "I think that James was right to not tell her," executive producer Andrew Kreisberg says. "He pretty accurately guessed her reaction to it, but what I think is interesting is while her reaction is explosive, it's also one of out of concern and love. She loves James and Winn and when she does find out, she's worried for her friends' safety." Bonus: Parasite will return in episode 13!

I can't believe TGIT got pushed! Give me some How to Get Away with Murder scoop to tide me over! — Emily

With Annalise in jail, the pressure put on the K4 may cause some of them to crack. "Some people are happy about it, because they don't like her, and they also think she might be guilty," EP Pete Nowalk tells me. "Some people are overwhelmed because that means they have to fill her shoes — Bonnie specifically. But I think they're all freaking worried, because if Annalise is in jail, are they all going to end up in jail, too? It seems like the beginning of the end."

Anything to tide us over until The 100 premieres? — Dan

When the post-apocalyptic — well, now pre-apocalyptic — drama returns, Jaha will have to face his guilt over leading people to A.L.I.E. and the City of Light in the first place. "He refers to it as his sins," showrunner Jason Rothenberg says. "He's definitely in a dark place at the beginning of this season, as he steps out of that power for the first time and sees the aftermath of A.L.I.E." Still, that shame only drives him to focus on survival even more, according to Rothenberg: "He is dedicated, as he has always been, to saving his people. He is, I think, probably the least likely to transcend his tribalism. That's why he went to the extremes that he went to… and ultimately, he's still on that journey."

I know you can't tell us who won the election on Scandal, but can you tease anything about the premiere? — Toby

I've seen the season premiere of Scandal and I can tell you first hand Abby has one of those goosebump-inducing Shondaland monologue that really sets the tone of Abby's assertiveness this season. "We pick up season 6 and Abby is still Chief of Staff," Darby Stanchfield tells me. "The difference so far is we see Abby is starting to get comfortable with her power. It's been a long climb, a struggle, and a claw to get into the bubble of the White House. Now she's really running the show and nobody seems to notice; it's great." Well, it's great for now. Let's not forget, there will soon be a new POTUS!

So happy that Colony is back. What can you spoil? — Jameson

Personally, I'm super curious if we'll get more information about the VIP list of people who were supposed to be responsible for rebooting society should anything bad happen. "Long-term, I would say yes," EP Carlton Cuse says. "There's much more of that mythology to reveal in season 2, so stay tuned. It gets delivered in a little bit of a different way than everybody might be expecting. There are specific humans that are of interest to our hosts that both pre- and post-date the Arrival."

This week in TV: There's been so much great CW superhero show news this week! Firestorm, Black Flash and Grodd are all returning to The Flash. Music Meister will be the FlashSupergirl musical crossover villain. Wentworth Miller drops hints on his return to Legends of Tomorrow. And ArrowThe Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow were all renewed!

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Additional reporting by Shirley Li and Dan Snierson.

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