Credit: David Livingston/Getty Images

History has given the green light to Kevin Hart Presents: The Black Man’s Guide to History, a two-hour event that explores lesser-known black historic events.

The project, in which Kevin Hart will star and executive produce, finds the comedian discovering his daughter distraught after watching 12 Years a Slave, upset that black history seems to only be about slavery and oppression. Hart subsequently educates her through scripted re-enactments about historical figures like Matthew Henson, the first person to go to the North Pole (though he did not receive credit), and Mae Jamison, the first black female astronaut, among others.

“I’m very excited to be working with History on this show because not only is it entertaining, and it’s hysterical, but it also is an important program for our country right now,” Hart says. “We hope to make people laugh and learn a bit too.”

Kevin Hart Presents: The Black Man’s Guide to History, created by Brian Volk-Weiss, hails from Hartbeat productions. Hart will executive producer with Dave Becky, Volk-Weiss, Tom Stern, Cisco Henson, Tim Healy, Stephen Mintz and Russ McCarrol.