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It was a cold day in fake Hell's Kitchen when the cast of Marvel's The Defenders gathered inside a warehouse studio in Brooklyn, New York, for EW's cover shoot, four days before they would shoot their first scene together for the team-up series.

Outside, the frigid mid-December weather left most of the cast freezing. Finn Jones (Iron Fist) shivered the most through his portrait shots — the actor had to clamber around a fire escape with his chest bared to show off Danny Rand's tattoo, just as snow began falling around the lot — but at least Mike Colter (Luke Cage) found a fun way to beat the cold. Spotting a scooter the EW team brought to help travel around the space, Colter spent much of his downtime zipping across the warehouse and trying new tricks.

Eventually, though, the chill caught up to Colter when he filmed a video outside. He took it in stride, joking about feeling the heat leave his body through his bald head, which, by the time he headed back indoors, was cold enough that even co-star Charlie Cox (Daredevil) couldn't resist touching. "Can I cop a feel?" Cox asked — and Colter obliged. (If it sounds like EW froze the Defenders for the shoot, don't worry: There were labeled "hot spots" around the studio where hot air quickly thawed anyone's skin, super or otherwise.)

For a closer look at the shoot, watch the video at the top of this post or click here for more behind-the-scenes photos, featuring cameos from Krysten Ritter's (Jessica Jones) dog, Mikey.

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