Bryan Cranston is giving James Corden kissing lessons — sort of.

Following in the footsteps of Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield at the Golden Globes, the gentlemen locked lips on The Late Late Show Thursday. This smooch, however, followed a discussion about Cranston’s wife of 27 years, Robin Dearden. As he explained to Corden and his fellow guests, their connection sparked thanks to a kiss that went on too long.

“As actors do, we greeted each other each time we saw each other,” Cranston said. “One time, we kissed each other, and the duration of the kiss exceeded the normal amount allotted for a friendly kiss. Do you know what I mean?”

Fellow guest Jessica Biel knew what he was talking about, but Corden seemed a little fuzzy on the concept. Cranston was happy to provide demonstrations, giving Corden examples of the usual “hello” kiss and then the kind of deep kiss that kickstarted Cranston and Dearden’s relationship.


“Let me tell you, everyone at home, in my experience I’ve had just now, she is a very, very, very lucky woman,” Corden said.

Watch the clip above.

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