Meet the rest of the cast (and find out this season's new twist)


It's almost time for the return of MTV's The Challenge, and ahead of the show's new season, EW can exclusively reveal the upcoming cast, not to mention the brand new twist.

The new season, titled The Challenge: Invasion will feature 18 series "underdogs" competing to earn their way out of The Shelter, their desolate, barebones accommodations in Thailand. If they're able to battle their way out of The Shelter, they'll land in the posh estate of The Oasis. Only 12 underdogs will earn their spot in The Oasis, but that's only step one of their (literal) challenge.

The season's twist involves a surprise, season-long attack from eight of the "most fearsome Challenge Champions," including repeat champion Johnny "Bananas," and the return of CT following his three-year absence as a competitor on the show.

For those who make it to the very end, they will have to compete in the show's very first three-day challenge to take home the grand prize of $350,000.

Check out the entire cast below:

Ashley K (Real World: San Diego)
Johnny "Bananas"(Real World: Key West)
Camila (Spring Break Challenge)
Cara Maria (Fresh Meat 2)
CT (Real World: Paris)
Darrell (Road Rules: Campus Crawl)
Laurel (Fresh Meat 2)
Zach (Real World: San Diego)

Amanda (Are You The One? Season 3)
Anika (Real World: Bad Blood)
Anthony (Are You The One? Season 2)
Ashley (Real World: Ex-Plosion)
Bruno (Real World: Skeletons)
Cory (Real World: Ex-Plosion)
Dario (Are You The One? Season 2)
Hunter (Are You The One? Season 3)
Jenna (Real World: Ex-Plosion)
Kailah (Real World: Go Big or Go Home)
LaToya (Real World: St. Thomas)
Marie (Real World: St. Thomas)
Nelson (Are You The One? Season 3)
Nicole (Real World: Skeletons)
Shane (Road Rules: Campus Crawl)
Sylvia (Real World: Skeletons)
Theo (Real World: Bad Blood)
Tony (Real World: Skeletons)

And to give you an idea of what the season will be like, here's a message from the champs to the underdogs: <iframe src="" width="512" height="288" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" class="" scrolling="no" resize="0" replace_attributes="1" name=""></iframe>Ùþ¸çÇ´sWxñ½ó—wѧvo¦»Ñ½váîwãß

The Challenge: Invasion kicks off with a two-hour premiere on Tuesday, Feb. 7 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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