By Dalton Ross
January 11, 2017 at 10:00 AM EST

Congratulations! You have clicked on a link telling you to watch Boy George convince Carson Kressley to get naked on a motorcycle. Clearly, you have chosen well. And to thank you for your time clearly well spent, we’ve included some other treats for you in this preview clip of next week’s The New Celebrity Apprentice, namely: Kressley worrying about his lack of manscaping, Boy George’s instruction to “push your bits under like a drag queen” (Carson’s reaction: “Ow!”), and Jon Lovitz’s color commentary on the entire escapade.

Why is any of this happening, you may be asking yourself? Because the teams are tasked with creating a marketing campaign for Kawasaki motorcycles, of course! So either shield your eyes or watch it all go down below.

Check out the full Celebrity Apprentice episode on Monday, Jan. 16… if you dare.