The hosts of EW's 'Bingeworthy' break down their feelings on FX's 'Taboo,' the series created by Tom Hardy and his father. Does the genre-melding work?

By Evan Slead
January 10, 2017 at 02:35 PM EST
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This week, EW’s Bingeworthy hosts Jessica Shaw and Touré discussed Tom Hardy’s return to TV with Taboo, a series that could either be an 1814 period piece, economical drama, or all-out sci-fi fest.

“I would say for Tom Hardy fans, you need to check this out because he’s really good,” said Shaw. “He created the show, too, with his dad, which I think is really cute.” The Mad Max: Fury Road actor and his father, Chip Hardy, helmed the FX drama with Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight.

Cutting to the chase on initial impressions of the series, “Did we like the show? No,” said Touré. The series follows James Keziah Delaney (Hardy), a traveler returning to London from Africa to inherit his father’s shipping empire. In an ever-unfolding mystery, enemies from every corner of James’ past conspire to take down his chance for a new life.

Expanding on his review, Touré questions the slow build the series uses to unfurl its plot. “I want to know, ‘What is this show about,’ right? It’s coming at me as a sort of drama and then suddenly there’s this sci-fi aspect where he can control the dead or something, which he knows he can do because he’s bragging about it,” he said. “I’m all this way and I don’t really know: are we sci-fi, are we period, are we drama?”

Apart from the initial reaction to the series, watch the full clip above for the hosts’ final word. Taboo premieres Tuesday, Jan. 10 on FX.

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