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Glowing skin? Check. Fit physique? Check. Bundles of energy? Check. Drew Barrymore’s in great shape, and, in a new teaser, she’s giving viewers the inside scoop to her newfound joie de vivre: the Santa Clarita Diet.

Barrymore’s new Netflix comedy features the actress and Timothy Olyphant as a married pair of realtors living in the L.A. suburbs with their teenage daughter. Barrymore’s character shakes things up when she dies and returns as a flesh-eating zombie.

“After the first day, I knew this wasn’t like any other diet,” Barrymore says in one of two teasers Netflix unveiled during the Golden Globes. “I satisfy all my cravings and eat whoever I want, and I only eat the foods that deserve it.”

The second teaser, cleverly disguised as an advertisement for a Weight Watchers-esque diet, features Olyphant hyping up the cannibal-tastic weight loss technique (though not in those words, of course) and giving us some serious Dexter Morgan vibes. “So my wife’s been on this new diet,” he explains. “She’s really happy. So it’s all great! Well, maybe not all great. You know, there’s some stuff going on that’s kind of intense. Like, the other day we were at the park, and she got hungry. And there’s this jerk throwing rocks at the ducks…but no one saw us and the guy was being a d— to the ducks.”

Watch the teasers below.

Santa Clarita Diet lands on Netflix on Feb. 3.

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