The Carpool Karaoke series won’t be hosted by James Corden, and will instead have more celebrities.

Apple Music’s Carpool Karaoke series will have the CBS The Late Late Show host appearing in at least one episode, but Corden will not star in the show that’s based on his viral video hit.

The 16-episode series pairs various stars together to belt out various tunes. Corden is still involved along with his executive producers Ben Winston and Eric Pankowski.

In another switch, the series version won’t stay in the car either, with singers getting out and, for example, entering a laundromat.

The producers explained to critics at the Television Critics Association on Monday that it would be “silly” to try and duplicate the success of the viral format and instead wanted to try and do the show a different way.

Celebrity pairings include John Legend and Alicia Keys, Seth MacFarlane and Ariana Grande, Chelsea Handler and Blake Shelton and Metalica with Billy Eichner. Corden is involved in at least one episode, however, where he’s joined by Will Smith.

The show will mark Apple Music’s first original series. There’s no premiere date yet set.