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January 06, 2017 at 01:31 PM EST
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Welcome to the Spoiler Room, a safe place for spoiler addicts to come on a weekly basis to learn what’s coming next on their favorite shows and, hopefully, get a few of their own questions answered. If you want scoop on a specific show, send your questions to

With The Originals jumping five years into the future, are Hayley and Elijah going to pick up where they left off? — Amy
Considering Hayley was the person tasked with saving the Original family, it’d be pretty messed up if she met a new love interest along the way, don’t you think? And thankfully, showrunner Julie Plec makes it sound like there will be relationship waiting for Elijah once he’s rescued. “When we come back, obviously all of our heroes are still down. In fact, it’s Hayley’s role to figure out a way to deliver on her promise to rescue them,” Plec says. “So when that day does come, and Elijah does return to the fold, he’s thrown back into a relationship that he’s been absent from, a brother that’s been captive and had god knows what done to him over the last half a decade, and a crumbling Mikaelson dynasty in New Orleans that he feels very compelled to rebuild.” That’s not to say things won’t be complicated — a five-year separation isn’t easy — but at least there’s hope (and Hope).

Who won the election on Scandal? — Samantha
As we first revealed, you’ll find out right away in the premiere — though the results aren’t without a few twists. In fact, what happens on Election Night sends OPA on a mission with lethal consequences.

Why is Michael in prison in the Middle East on the new Prison Break? — Peter
Exactly why he landed behind bars will be unveiled over the course of the revival, but it plays into Prison Break pulling from the Odyssey in its new story. “I wanted Michael to show up in the most unexpected and distant and foreboding place,” EP Paul Scheuring says. “The deepest, darkest part of the Middle Eastern struggle might be that. It raises the question: How the hell of all places did he end up there? Doing honor to the Odyssey, one of the big components of the season was Odysseus went through hell, he went across half the globe to get home. That’s what I wanted to do with Michael. It’s not just a matter of getting out of prison or getting out of a country, but it was traversing half the globe to get back to his wife and the son he hasn’t seen before, to really play that Odyssey feel as opposed to just getting out of a prison in the United States and getting back to them.”

Anything that can be teased on what Rumple and Belle will have to do in order to save Gideon on Once Upon a Time? — AshMarie
Remember when Rumple said that time works wonky in the Dark Realm? The question then becomes: Can Rumple and Belle actually prevent Gideon’s future if they find his younger self? “That is the question of the second half of the season,” EP Edward Kitsis says. “That is exactly what we are going to explore.”

Since J’onn is no longer turning into a White Martian, what’s next for him on Supergirl? — Lyle
After his near-transformation, J’onn will have a new lease on life, particularly when it comes to Miss Martian. “His relationship with M’gann is an important one over this next batch of episodes,” EP Andrew Kreisberg tells me. “There is some really great stuff for David [Harewood] and Sharon [Leal] that we are really excited about. We love Sharon’s performance and we love seeing David and Sharon together, it’s some of our favorite stuff this season. We’ve been really lucky with our romantic pairings this season and we really think that J’onn and M’gann have a great storyline coming up.”

New scoop about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? — Caddie
Director Mace’s true agenda will start to be unveiled as we discover what’s really going on with him in the upcoming episodes. “There’s a general question with him in terms of being all about trust,” EP Jed Whedon says. “‘The team that trusts is the team that triumphs!’ A guy who is always saying that who is new and that smiley who has a secret, it’s hard to trust him. Even in episode 8, he started asking questions about the Darkhold. I don’t think it’s totally clear where he stands.”

Tasha totally put Reade in the friendzone. How does this affect their relationship moving forward on Blindspot? — Micha
Well, it’s certainly going to be a little awkward. “They have a lot of love for each other, but I think that really took Tasha by surprise,” EP Martin Gero tells me. “Reade is going through a very rough time in his life and I think was reaching towards her, hoping for some stability and distraction. They’re going to have to work through it the next couple of episodes, but it all stems from the fact that Reade isn’t really dealing with what’s happened to him yet.”

Is there anything you can tease about Bones‘ final season? — Wally
As the Fox drama nears the end, so too does the life of someone very close to Brennan. A familiar face will soon return with some devastating news, though whether said person actually tells Brennan is another question.

Do you have any Colony scoop? — Ray
Colony‘s season 2 premiere will flashback in time to the arrival of the Hosts, showing the devastating invasion and quick subjugation of the humans. “We wanted, particularly in the first episode of the show, to take the audience back and allow the audience to really experience what the arrival was like,” EP Carlton Cuse says. “We feel like the first episode of season 2 has a big reset to it. You can really understand, from that episode, what the show is about.”

What can you tell us about the final season of Reign? — Emily
The action picks up just weeks after the season 3 finale, which means nothing has been settled. Elizabeth is looking for revenge against Mary, and Mary’s doing everything she can to cement her power (including fencing). But with Spain playing a big role this season, things are only going to get more complicated … especially when Mary begins to question whether she can trust her own brother.

This week in TV: I’m all in for the Charmed reboot! Dare I say it’ll be… magical?

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Additional reporting by Kelly Connolly and Samantha Highfill.

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