By Christian Holub
January 06, 2017 at 08:34 AM EST
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President Barack Obama is set to give his farewell address on Jan. 10, but first, Obama’s Anger Translator has a few things to say.

On Thursday, Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele brought back the popular sketch from their Comedy Central series Key & Peele during an appearance on The Daily Show. 

Luther’s farewell address began with Peele’s Obama warning Key’s Luther to keep things under control. At first, when Obama talked about the election, Luther only offered a guttural howl: “Trump!”

But he quickly abandoned that control and unleashed his full fury. “How did this happen, man?” Luther explained as he kicked a Trump piñata. “Y’all voted for the dude who’s going to make America hate again! Don’t you understand this is how the Hunger Games starts?”

Peele’s Obama, like the real-life version, pledged his support to help with Trump’s transition, declaring, “If he succeeds, we all succeed.”

Luther had a slightly different take: “Unless he succeeds with all the s— he promised to succeed with, in which case we’re f—ed.”

Then the duo gave their final statements. “Farewell, America,” Peele’s Obama said. “It’s been real, and it’s been good. But it ain’t been real good.”

“Apparently, orange is the new black!” Luther said. “Good luck with the health care, a–holes. I’m out.”

Watch the video below.

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