See the exclusive trailer for his upcoming special, 'Cinco,' out Jan. 10.
Credit: Netflix

Jim Gaffigan is just happy some people showed up to the taping of his latest comedy special, Cinco. “It’s amazing any of us are here right now,” he says in the trailer, premiering exclusively here, “because there are so many television shows we could be watching.”

Including his own: Gaffigan’s TV Land sitcom, The Jim Gaffigan Show, ran for two seasons until he and showrunner Jeannie Gaffigan (also his wife) decided to say goodbye in 2016.

“We worked with an amazing cast and crew, learned tons and laughed so much,” Gaffigan wrote in a note on Twitter announcing the news. “However, the time commitment to make the quality of show we wanted was taking us away from our most important project, our five children.”

“It’s one of those things where, when someone says they want to spend more time with their family, it sounds like a politician that’s backing out of running for election,” Gaffigan, who says it was difficult to delegate things on the show since it was partly autobiographical, tells EW. “But it was really one of those things where it’s not about spending more time, it’s spending time.”

Now that he and Jeannie aren’t spending 18-hour days together on set, he has time to be with his kids — and to focus on both stand-up and his acting career. Gaffigan’s appearing in six films this year, ranging from dramas including The Bleeder and Chappaquiddick to the animated movies Guardian Brothers and Duck Duck Goose. He‘s also set to star in the third season of the critically acclaimed FX series Fargo.

“If I can do some acting,” he says, “and have my kids know me, then I’m happy.”

Watch the trailer above, and see its key art below. Cinco debuts Jan. 10 on Netflix, where Gaffigan’s four previous specials are also streaming.

Credit: Netflix