The two celebrities have very different approaches to the new year

By Christian Holub
January 04, 2017 at 02:59 AM EST

When Milo Ventimiglia and Janelle Monae appeared on The Late Late Show on Tuesday night, a mere few days into 2017, it seemed only natural to discuss New Year’s resolutions. However, the two celebrities had very differing views on resolutions. Ventimiglia, for example, spent New Year’s in Japan, and picked up some of that culture’s spiritual attitude to the tradition.

“I went with a friend to a shrine and we did New Year’s resolutions, and I learned that they’re very specific, very detailed in Japan,” Ventimiglia said. “You had to get in front of the shrine and throw in your five-cent coin for good luck. Then you bow twice, you clap twice, and you say your prayer, but when you say your prayer or wishes for the New Year, you have to give your name, your birthday, and you address, so God directs your resolution to you.”

Monae, by contrast, had her own way of doing New Year’s resolutions. She said she began hers back in December to get a head-start, but refused to disclose what they were.

“I don’t tell anybody, because I am superstitious, and I want to make sure nobody holds me to them,” Monae said.

Watch the clip above.

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