'There will never be a show like Bones,' says Eichner.

By Chancellor Agard
January 04, 2017 at 12:31 PM EST

Alas, Bones, Fox’s long-running procedural about bones, is ending. Thankfully, Billy Eichner is here to help you deal with this great loss for TV.

In a new Billy on the Street clip, Eichner takes to the streets of New York, as he is wont to do, and asks New Yorkers to help him say goodbye after 12 seasons of the show, which stars Emily Deschanel as a forensic anthropologist who uses bones to solve murders. Running around the concrete jungle with his mic in hand, Eichner asks people to share what they’ll miss most about the morbid show in exchange for a bone.

“When that Bones finale airs, I’m going to be such a mess,” Eichner jokingly says to one devoted Bones fan he meets. “There will never be a show like Bones!” (Unless Bones does a revival à la Prison Break and The X-Files, which might happen).

Sadly, Eichner doesn’t meet too many people who share his passion for the series. For the most part, most of the strangers he accosts are just as apathetic about Bones as gay people are about John Oliver (see this other Billy on the Street clip, in which Eichner asks gay people if they care about the Last Week Tonight host).

As it turns out, Eichner is rather proud of the entire segment. “‘A Farewell to Bones’ is actually one of my favorite segments of the season. Am I wrong?” he tweeted Tuesday night.

Watch the hilarious “A Farewell to Bones” in the video above.