The 'Taboo' and 'Revenant' star dropped by BBC's 'CBeebies Bedtime Story' to help some kids fall asleep

Tom Hardy celebrated New Year’s Eve by helping some little ones fall asleep.

The actor dropped by BBC’s CBeebies Bedtime Stories to read a bedtime story, and obviously, it was downright adorable. Lounging on a couch with his dog Woody asleep on his lap, Hardy, in an uncharacteristically soothing voice, read You Must Bring A Hat, a charming story about a young man trying to find a hat for party. One might think that this would be an opportunity to enjoy the Revenant actor’s real voice; however, once the story gets going, Hardy gave each character their own voice to make things interesting.


You might as well enjoy this version of Hardy while it lasts. Fans will next see Hardy in Taboo, a gritty period drama about the heir to a British shipping empire fighting to save his recently deceased father’s legacy. Conspiracy, murder, and betrayal abound, meaning Taboo is basically the complete opposite of You Must Bring a Hat.

Watch the cute video above.