By Chancellor Agard
January 01, 2017 at 11:42 AM EST
Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 5

For Seth Meyers, 2016 was the year he came into his own. After a rocky start as the new host of Late Night, Meyers found his groove once the election got into full swing and began to regularly hit it out of the park with his recurring segment “A Closer Look.” So, it’s quite fitting that Meyers chose to ended the year with “A Closer Look at 2016.”

In the segment, which aired on Saturday as part of Late Night with Seth Meyers‘ New Year’s Eve special, Meyers looked back at the last 12 months of politics, which gave him an opportunity to get a few more jabs in at the politicians who helped make the past year such a crazy one. Meyers turned his aim at almost everything: from President-elect Donald Trump complaining about the Iowa caucus results at the beginning of the year to the controversy surrounding Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s emails.

“2016 ended with Donald Trump telling everybody to accept the election results and get over it,” said Meyers at the top of the segment. “But 2016 started with Donald Trump refusing to accept election results and not getting over it — it being his loss in the Iowa caucus.”

Then, Meyers moved onto future housing and development secretary Dr. Ben Carson, who was responsible for a couple of the most absurd and hilarious moments during the election. First, there was the meeting he had with Cruz following the Iowa caucus inside of a storage closet. Then, there was his awkward entrance at one of the Republican primary debates where he stood in the hallway waiting long after his name had been called.

“Ben Carson is amazing. First, he’s in a closet, then he’s in a hallway, and now he’s in the cabinet,” joked Meyers. “Ben Carson is like that tennis racket you keep meaning to take to Goodwill.”

Eventually, Meyers turned his attention to Clinton, making jokes about her attempt to reach young voters by mentioning Pokémon Go and the media’s obsession with her emails, which he joked is a word that she now mutters in her sleep and “explains why Hillary now lives in the woods and only communicates via tree mail.”

“The final weeks of the campaign saw Trump somehow manage to weather a slew of controversies and scandals only to see Hillary hit by her own October surprise: the FBI’s announcement that they had found more of her emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop. The email surprise was so exasperating that when he found out that Anthony Weiner was the source of it, it literally broke Joe Biden,” said Meyers, cutting to a clip of the vice president saying “Oh, God” after learning of Weiner’s connection to the emails.

He continued, “And it is not easy to break Joe Biden. That is a man who spends for 40 percent of his life riding Amtrak.”

Meyers decided to give Biden the final word on 2016 by cutting back to the clip of him saying “Oh, God,” which also seemed fitting.

Watch the entire video above.

Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 5

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