10th Anniversary CNN Heroes
Credit: Bennett Raglin/WireImage

Don Lemon ended 2016 with a bang.

The 50-year-old CNN host appeared to have the time of his life alongside Brooke Baldwin during the news network’s New Year’s Eve broadcast in New Orleans — even getting his left ear pierced on live TV.

“If this hurts I’m gonna be so mad,” Lemon said in video footage before the tattoo artist pierced his ear. “Don’t get blood on the jacket. It goes back to Brooks Brothers.”

Meanwhile, Baldwin, 37, held Lemon’s hand and declared, “Here we go! Here’s the needle. Here’s the needle!”

The CNN anchors were reporting live from a bar in New Orleans. Lemon teased earlier in the evening that he would get his ear pierced before the night’s end. And, after taking a few shots of tequila, he made good on his promise.

“This happened #cnnye,” Lemon captioned a photo of his pierced ear — he opted for a small fleur-de-lis for an earring.

He uploaded video footage of the piercing to Facebook, writing, “Well. This happened in New Orleans … but that was last year!”

Lemon appeared to be in merry spirits throughout the broadcast as he got some help with liquid courage before the piercing.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper uploaded a video of Lemon drinking during the coverage, writing, “It seems @donlemon, @BrookeBCNN got the #CNNNYE party (and the drinking) started a little early down in New Orleans.”