Dan Goor gives you 12 things to ponder about Gina's fate
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Spoiler alert: This story contains plot details from the Jan. 1 fall finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

New Year’s Day brought us the two-part fall finale of Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s fourth season and packed plenty of exclamation marks: Jake agrees to move into Amy’s place! The Pontiac Bandit returns! There may be a subterranean race of lizard people living beneath the city who control our minds with their pheromones! A bunch of expensive cars (and one not-so-expensive car) are stolen! Marshawn Lynch talks too much! Terry needs reading glasses!

But the Fox cop comedy’s fall finale really punctuated the drama with an episode-ending exclamation mark that is definitely going to leave a mark: Gina just got leveled by a bus!

In the final seconds of “The Fugitive Pt. 2,” the Nine-Nine’s wisecracking, scene-stealing, civilian administrator — and dance troupe standout who can’t help but keep it 100 — walked into the street. After getting a text alert, she glanced down at her phone to read a finally suitable text from Charles (Joe Lo Truglio), looked back at him to give him a thumbs up, and… was shockingly knocked clear off-screen by the business end of a bus, Regina-style. Actually, Gina (Chelsea Peretti) had foreshadowed the colossal collision by quipping to Charles earlier in the episode, “You know, honestly, I’d rather get hit by a bus than get one more text from you.” And as it turns out, that one-liner served as inspiration for the tragic ending. “We wrote a joke for Gina, in which she tells Charles that she’d rather get hit by a bus than receive another text from him,” Brooklyn Nine-Nine executive producer Dan Goor tells EW. “After we wrote it, I thought, ‘She should get a text from Charles and then instantly get hit by a bus.'”

Which leads us to a critical question: Did we just witness the death of Gina? Or will she live to dish out another insult about Amy’s wardrobe? We asked Goor to give you a half-dozen good reasons not to start the mourning process just yet — and another half-dozen reasons why you might want to keep dabbing those tears with your wolf blanket.

Gina definitely did not die because…

  1. “She is the human form of the 100 emoji and therefore indestructible.”
  2. “You can’t kill a phenomenon.”
  3. “She’s a federally protected landmark.”
  4. “The real question is: how did the bus survive crashing into her?”
  5. “Fun fact: getting hit by a bus is totally safe. Please tell your readers that.”
  6. “The only way to kill a Highlander is by removing the head.”

Gina definitely did die because…

  1. “She got hit by a bus.”
  2. “Repeat: She got hit by a bus!”
  3. “Do you know how much buses weigh?”
  4. “That bus was going so fast!”
  5. “Fun fact: Getting hit by a bus that’s going that fast will kill you. Please tell your readers that.”
  6. “Also, she was already a ghost.”

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