HALLOWEENTOWN, (from left): Judith Hoag, Joey Zimmerman, Kimberly J. Brown, Emily Roeske, Debbie Rey
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Hollywood legend Debbie Reynolds starred in dozens of movies and TV shows during her lengthy career, but to younger fans she may be best remembered as Aggie Cromwell, the witchy grandmother in Disney's made-for-TV movie series Halloweentown.

After Reynolds' death on Wednesday, her Halloweentown family remembered working with the icon, calling her "talented, wise, and funny" and "a true gem."

Kimberly J. Brown, who played Aggie's granddaughter Marnie, wrote on Facebook, "What do you say about a woman who had such an impact on your life both professionally and personally? Debbie lived her life like all of us should, to the fullest. She was bold, funny, and had the biggest heart."

The actress also spoke about working with Reynolds on set and how she influenced Brown's own career. "Making people happy through her performing was her favorite thing to do, and she showed me at a young age what a gift it is to be able to do that for people. She was so talented and wise, which easily could have gone to her head, but instead she went out of her way to help others shine as brightly as they could. She'd try to move huge ladders on set just to help the crew, and looked out for every actor no matter the size their role. Her humility, grace, and care for others inspired me so much as a teen and is something that will always stay with me."

Quoting the 1998 film, Brown wrote, "‘Being normal is vastly overrated' is a quote from Halloweentown, and how fitting it is that her character spoke it. Her generosity, talent, and loving spirit made her anything but normal. Thanks for the magic, Debbie. Rest in peace." <iframe src=";width=500" width="500" height="578" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" class="" allowfullscreen="" resize="0" replace_attributes="1" name=""></iframe>

Judith Hoag, who played Aggie's daughter and Marnie's mother Gwen, also tweeted about sharing the screen with Reynolds. "Profoundly saddened by the loss of the beautiful, talented, wise & funny Debbie Reynolds — a true gem of a human being."

Many of Reynolds' costars throughout the years have shared memories of the late star and her daughter Carrie Fisher, who died one day before her mother. Debra Messing, who played Reynolds' daughter in Will & Grace, wrote, "Debbie went to be with Carrie. It's such a devastating 1,2 punch. She was my ‘mom' for years & I loved her dearly. A legend."

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