Before Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds' deaths, Billie Lourd opened up about her mother and grandmother and shared her impression of Reynolds on 'Late Night with Seth Meyers.'

By Nick Maslow
December 29, 2016 at 12:26 PM EST

Mere weeks before the shocking deaths of her mother Carrie Fisher and grandmother Debbie Reynolds, Billie Lourd appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers, where she opened up about the trio’s dynamic and shared a hilarious impression of her grandmother.

“Well, first of all, she gets really upset when I get called ‘Carrie Fisher’s daughter,'” Lourd told Meyers of her grandmother on Dec. 12, just over two weeks prior to Fisher’s death at 60 on Tuesday and Reynolds’ death at 84 on Wednesday. “She wants people to call me ‘Debbie Reynolds’ granddaughter.’ It’s very offensive to her. She does not like to be cut out — not at all.”

As a member of Hollywood royalty, the Scream Queens star was destined to follow in her mother and grandmother’s footsteps as an actress — but the late legends made a valiant effort to dissuade Lourd from a career in front of the camera. That included Reynolds sitting Lourd down to read her diaries dating back to the Golden Age of Hollywood.

“She called me down to her house and had this binder of these diaries that she had written when she first started doing Singin’ in the Rain. And she sat me down on her couch and said, ‘Okay, I need you to read these, dear’ — in her ’50s actress voice,” said Lourd, 24, showing off her impeccable impression of her grandmother. “I started reading them to myself, and she said, ‘No, dear. Please read them out loud.’ And I started reading them and they’re all in second-person.”

Lourd continued: “They are somewhere along the lines of, ‘You’re sitting in the makeup chair. It’s 5 in the morning. They’ve pulled out all your eyebrows and you have no eyelashes left. Your hair is a shell of itself, and all you wanted to be was a gym teacher.'”

As Meyers laughed, Lourd offered her perspective on the chat. “So, I read this out loud and kind of looked at her like, ‘Okay?'” she explained. “And she looked at me so earnestly, with her hands crossed in her lap, and was like, ‘Are you sure you still want to be an actress, dear?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, I think it’s different now. I think I’m going to be able to keep my eyebrows. I don’t think they’re going to put a wig on me — I’ve got, like, long hair. It’s fine. So I’m gonna go for it.'”

The concern for Lourd’s future in Hollywood didn’t stop Reynolds from supporting her granddaughter’s work. “She’s a huge fan,” Lourd said of Scream Queens. “I mean, she’s a fan of anything that involves a lot of fur. She misses that in film and TV. So the fact that we’re all clad in fur ear muffs and fur jackets, it’s her dream show.”

Watch the equally touching and hilarious interview in the video below.

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