Carrie Fisher's 'Catastrophe' costar Rob Delaney penned a heartfelt essay about his connection with the late actress.
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Carrie Fisher is being honored by her TV son, Rob Delaney.

In the wake of Fisher’s death Tuesday, Delaney wrote a heartfelt essay about his connection with the actress for The Guardian. “She played my mom on Catastrophe, the sitcom I write and star in with Sharon Horgan,” wrote Delaney. “Or should I say, ‘plays my mom,’ since we just finished shooting last week and Carrie’s scenes haven’t been seen by anyone yet. Except for me and Sharon that is, and our director, producer, and editor. We’ve seen them and they’re amazing.”

According to Delaney, Catastrophe season 3, due in 2017 on Channel 4 and Amazon, will feature Fisher more than the previous two seasons. “We couldn’t help but write more for her because she’s so brilliant,” he explained.

Delaney also noted that Fisher, who established herself as one of Hollywood’s go-to script doctors, “was the only cast member Sharon and I would let improvise” because Fisher “would always, always make it funnier and better.”

In addition to praising Fisher’s performances (he watched The Blues Brothers more than Star Wars and When Harry Met Sally) and kindness (she once brought him a “tin of biscuits shaped like syringes and thermometers” when he felt bad), Delaney joked about trying to seduce Fisher, “especially after Variety called me ‘the poor man’s Harrison Ford, who is also fat.'”

“I’d like to report that I was successful, but despite my begging her on many occasions, we never had sex, even though our onscreen mother/son chemistry was off the charts,” he wrote. “We made her and Adam Driver’s sterile scenes in The Force Awakens look like bank transactions.”

Fisher’s TV son ended the essay on a serious note, writing, “What I’m getting at here is that I revered Carrie until I met her and then I loved her. I’m smiling thinking about her. I hope you are too.”

Delaney’s collaborator Horgan shared her own tribute to Fisher via Instagram Tuesday. “She was the most generous, fun, gifted, smart, kind, funny funny funny person I’ve ever met,” Horgan wrote in part. “She certainly wasn’t ready to go. I’m so glad we became pals. I’m so devastated at her loss. I want to write about her more but I can’t process yet.”

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