The two had to describe film plots in ever-shortening time frame

By Christian Holub
December 23, 2016 at 02:52 AM EST

Turns out a lot of movies are instantly recognizable. When Jim Parsons stopped by The Tonight Show on Thursday night, host Jimmy Fallon convinced the Big Bang Theory star to play a game of 5-Second Summaries, in which the goal was to make the other player guess the movie with only a short description of the plot.

Parsons was up first with Star Wars, and he was able to get Fallon to guess it simply by saying the word “lightsabers.” Then it was Fallon’s turn, and he was able to get Parsons to guess La La Land (new as it is) by saying “singing” and “Los Angeles.”

The trick to the game is the timeframe kept decreasing, until the end when the players had only one second to guess a movie. Even then, Parsons was able to get Fallon to guess Jaws by doing an imitation of the iconic John Williams score.

“Thank you!” Parsons screamed, stressed out by the short window.

Watch the clip below.

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