From Real Housewives cheating scandals to Southern Charm dinner parties, 2016 proved to be a year chock full of juicy dramatic goodness for fans.

By Evan Slead
December 23, 2016 at 11:31 AM EST

With 2016 rapidly coming to a close, it’s time to look back and reflect on the moments that mattered. Triumphs, failures, and heartbreaking events occurred in every corner of the globe, but the rioting call of sweet drama was heard strongest on TV in none other than the “little engine that could” known as Bravo.

From Real Housewives cheating scandals to Southern Charm dinner parties, 2016 proved to be a year chock full of juicy dramatic goodness for fans of the reality channel. Of course, every fantastic ride on the gossip train has its stops where happiness and joy can linger for a time, and Bravo made sure to have us clutching for the tissues between the all-out brawls and hair-pulling.

Here are the best moments from the Bravo world this year. Hold my hoops, I’m going in.


LuAnn Confronts Tom Over the Cheating Photos (RHONY)

In a shock heard ’round the Big Apple (and apparently the Regency), Countess LuAnn’s fiancé was not only found to be a habitual Housewives dater (Sonja and Ramona both knew him intimately), but he also has a problem keeping his lips off people other than LuAnn. Lucky for the viewers, after Bethenny dropped the huge news on “unsuspecting” LuAnn, we saw every second of her rage on him.


Thomas Ravenel’s Explosive Dinner Party (Southern Charm)

Leave it to the cast of Southern Charm to turn class into sass, and no one does it better than Thomas Ravenel and his on-again, off-again baby mama, Kathryn Calhoun Dennis. T-Rav is known for spouting off his “unbiased” thoughts on each of his friends, but he took it a bit too far this night, calling Landon a “rusty old stone” and telling Shep to “stop sleeping with every woman in Charleston.” Told in two parts like a dramatic play, the dinner is like a car wreck: impossible to look away as it goes from terrible to mortifying.


James Gets Yelled at by Ken (Vanderpump Rules)

The perpetual thorn — er DJ — in everyone’s side in West Hollywood, James Kennedy, took one drunken rant to a new height, causing SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump and her hubby Ken to finally put their foot down. Enjoy the shaky cam work revealing a crying James screaming, “Ken scares the s–t out of me!”


The Amy Schumer vs. Ramona Singer Debates (WWHL)

Sometimes drama comes from a source of chuckles, and the “political” debate segment on Watch What Happens Live between actress and comedian Amy Schumer and The Real Housewives of New York City star Ramona Singer was full of both. Tackling one of the most important topics in society, Singer defended her drink of choice — and lifeblood — Pinot Grigio, while Schumer gave Chardonnay a spin.


Matt’s Surprisingly Happy Farewell from Jeff Lewis Design (Flipping Out)

The king of sarcasm and his dutiful band of put-upon workers have been known to kick out employees from the team without a moment’s notice, but having someone leave on good terms is a rarity. The honor went to Matt, the quiet but extremely hard-working assistant to Gage, who left the design firm for new prospects but not before a tear-filled farewell dinner. Ten points for getting to see Gage actually shed a tear and Jeff comment on every second of it.


LeeAnne and Tiffany Confront Marie with Printed Text Messages (RHOD)

Despite only one season under its belt, The Real Housewives of Dallas was a triumph with its big hair, big personality, and even bigger drama. Thanks to BFFs LeeAnne and Tiffany, one of the best moments fell on their confrontation of frenemy Marie, who had apparently been texting Tiffany hateful things about LeeAnne. Wanting to get to the bottom of it all, the friends printed the messages and headed to Marie’s house to catch her in her back-stabbing. Bless these women.


The Bus Ride from Hell (RHOC)

First there was the “Dinner Party from Hell” from season 1 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and then the latest season of The Real Housewives of Orange County picked up on that sinful trend with a bus ride full of screaming, accusations, and tears. Heading back to the airport after a night of drunkenness overseas, the ladies of the O.C. couldn’t help but confront Kelly and Vicki’s gossip, which brought Tamra into a fit of rage. “F— you!!” she screamed, practically in Vicki’s mouth.


Michael Rapaport Grills Bethenny Frankel on Her Reunion Choices (WWHL)

Longtime Bravo fan and extension of the viewer, Michael Rapaport knows how to get right down to business with the Housewives, and his interview with Bethenny Frankel on her choice to call her boyfriend’s daughter during the reunion shows his dedication. “At what point did you know you were gonna whip out the cell phone?” he asked, beginning his own Frost/Nixon.


Amy Phillips Impersonates Countess LuAnn’s Engagement Excitement (WWHL)

It wouldn’t be a best-of list without a mention of impersonator Amy Phillips and her spot-on reenactment of the Bravolebrities’ iconic scenes. Taking on LuAnn’s exhausting excitement of her engagement to Tom, Phillips perfectly channeled the unhinged happiness of the Countess, while fitting in some auto-tuned original songs about the other ladies of New York.