The two stars are a little more out-of-sync than they probably thought

By Christian Holub
December 22, 2016 at 07:39 AM EST
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Friendship is a difficult thing to gauge. When Viola Davis stopped by The Tonight Show on Wednesday night, she and Jimmy Fallon were friendly. But when they tried playing the Best Friends Challenge (in which players attempt to guess each other’s answers to questions), it proved a little more difficult than either star may have imagined.

One problem was that Davis overthought things a little bit. The first question required her to guess Fallon’s dream superpower. The answer was simply “flight,” but Davis had guessed “the ability to change underwear without touching them.” A similar situation happened with the second question, which asked her to guess Fallon’s favorite Christmas movie. Fallon’s answer was simple (It’s a Wonderful Life) but again Davis overthought herself and guessed A Christmas Carol.

Watch the clip below.

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