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The Walking Dead is taking a short break over the holiday season and we understand that the need to find out what happens next is as strong as a walker’s need to munch on some fresh flesh. So Entertainment Weekly: The Show stopped replaying that beautiful hug between Daryl and Rick for a moment and enlisted the man with the mullet himself, Josh McDermitt (Eugene Porter) to supply some tips to make the time apart more bearable.

Here’s McDermitt’s Walking Dead Hiatus Survival Guide:

1: Tell a group of people you’re going to ask them out to dinner, then wait seven months to reveal which one it is — trust me people love cliffhangers.

2: Put your mullet in the freezer so when the time comes to break it out again, it’s fresh. If your roommate complains about having hair next to his ice cream, tell him you’ll take it out, then don’t.

3: Watch something that captures the same bleak helplessness The Walking Dead does… like, I don’t know, the news?

4: If you need your Jeffrey Dean Morgan fix, watch early Grey’s Anatomy and be like, “Man, I liked Negan better when he was a sick guy who had a crush on Katherine Heigl.”

He has a bunch of others, but you’ll have to watch them in the clip above. The Walking Dead returns to AMC on Feb. 12.

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