The actor put his own paintings in his new movie, Why Him?, and gave one as a gift to his costar.

In Why Him?, James Franco plays a wealthy tech-guru type who owns a lot of art — and the actor himself supplied many of those paintings.

“There was supposed to be a lot of art in the house, and they consulted me, ‘What kind of art do you think he would have?’” he said during an appearance on Conan alongside costar Bryan Cranston. “They showed me very generic paintings so I thought, ‘Well, I have some paintings that would be funnier and more in line with the character.’”

After showing one such painting on the air (he retitled it “Humping Capybaras” after initially thinking the animals he painted were hamsters) Cranston noted that Franco had given him a different painting as a gift — a “beautiful” one of a marijuana leaf.

“I brought it home to my wife — we’ve been together for almost 30 years and we have a nice little Connecticut home — and I said, ‘Honey, where do you think this would fit?’ And she said, ‘I don’t know if it would fit anywhere.’”

Franco chimed in with one option: “Over the bed?”

See both of Franco’s paintings in the video above. Why Him? opens in theaters on Friday.

Why Him?
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