Credit: MojoRawleyWWE/Twitter

WWE’s SmackDown Live and Shooter both currently air Tuesday nights on USA Network. That’s not all they share, however. This week, Shooter star Ryan Phillippe actually stopped by SmackDown Live. He said he had been looking for Randy Orton, who had recently filmed a guest role on Shooter, but found Mojo Rawley instead. After trading barbs with Mojo’s opponent, Curt Hawkins, Phillippe wound up ringside to watch the match.

After Mojo beat Curt with a brutal tackle, he motioned for Phillippe to join him in the ring. The actor popped up and did some theatrical bellowing with the wrestler. Later, they posed for another victorious photo. “Big win tonight my friend!” Mojo tweeted.

If Phillippe ever decides to take his talents to the wrestling arena, sounds like he’s already got a potential tag-team partner.

Watch the videos below, via the WWE’s Twitter.

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