By Christian Holub
December 21, 2016 at 08:43 AM EST
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Back in 2013, Matthew McConaughey won an Oscar for his starring role in Dallas Buyers Club. That win and that performance capped off the so-called “McConaissance,” in which McConaughey proved his acting chops after years of starring in romcoms. Little did fans know, however, that one of McConaughey’s best performances was still to come. On Tuesday night, the actor stopped by The Tonight Show and acted out some Kid Theater with host Jimmy Fallon.

Written by young kids, the first scene cast Fallon as the owner of a “gold store,” and McConaughey as a customer who steals both his gold and his pants. In the second scene, McConaughey played a duck named Quacky, while Fallon played his human neighbor Elliott. Their story even had a holiday spin to it, since Quacky was able to turn his lump of coal from Santa Claus into a giant mansion.

“I squished the big lump of coal with my duck hands until it turned into gold. Quack!” McConaughey said. “I used the gold to build the mansion. Quack quack!”

The third and final sketch cast the two actors as a pair of living gold nuggets named Harold and Darold. All three stories were based around the concept of gold since that’s the title of McConaughey’s upcoming film.

Watch the clip below.

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