Seth Meyers discusses the political situation in North Carolina
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Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 5

The past week has provided two contrasting case studies in the transfer of power. While Electoral College voters on Monday affirmed the decision to elect Donald Trump president, Republican legislators in North Carolina have taken great steps to drastically reduce the power of incoming Democratic Governor Roy Cooper. The 11th-hour legislation has been described as a “coup” by some commentators. As Seth Meyers noted on Monday night, it’s brazen at the very least.

“That’s like losing a bet and paying with Monopoly money,” Meyers said of this move by North Carolina Republicans. “‘$500, just like we said. Sorry it’s tiny and orange.'”

Republicans only have the legislative control to pull off this move in the first place because of harsh gerrymandering, which has grouped African-Americans into concentrated districts to reduce their political power. As Meyers noted, some of the resulting districts look very ridiculous.

“It looks like a Rorschach test,” Meyers said. “‘What do you see in this shape?’ ‘I don’t know, it’s either a dragon or 300 years of institutional racism.'”

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Late Night with Seth Meyers - Season 5
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