The Tonight Show guests Andrew Rannells and Michael Che join Jimmy Fallon and studio announcer Steve Higgins for a game of Virtual Reality Pictionary.

By Evan Slead
December 17, 2016 at 05:48 PM EST
Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

Jimmy Fallon and crew know how to take a classic game to a whole new level.

While The Tonight Show is known for its wacky and inventive games, Jimmy Fallon pulled in some revolutionary tech to create Virtual Reality Pictionary, which allows a player to draw in the air, which will then appear on a screen. Joined by The Book of Mormon’s Andrew Rannells, Saturday Night Live’s Michael Che, and house announcer Steve Higgins, the group divided into two teams to take on the VR challenge.

The late-night host donned the equipment first, drawing a potted snake and singer, which Rannells, his teammate, correctly guessed after a few seconds. Off to a good start, Higgins went for his team but decided to draw a little something extra before the round started. “Don’t write the word ‘poop’,” said Fallon. “This cost us millions of dollars!”

Ranging from people to movie titles, the group held a fierce battle for several rounds before calling it on an all-or-nothing final round. Rannells reworked the Higgins joke during his turn to Fallon’s chagrin when he couldn’t get “pickpocket” drawn well enough.

Watch the entire video below to see who won the game.

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