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Take My Wife

Television shows frequently kill off lesbian characters — but not Take My Wife, a new Seeso comedy from comics (and wives) Cameron Esposito and Rhea Butcher. “If you watch a lot of television and you don’t know what could happen to lesbians if they don’t die, this is a show about that,” Esposito tells EW. “I promise you, no lesbians die in this show.”

The single-camera series follows stars Esposito and Butcher, who wed in December 2015, as a married couple co-hosting a stand-up showcase. “What Rhea and I love about the show is that it’s about a couple that works together, first and foremost,” Esposito says. “We’re both comics, and that is where we wanted to approach the show form, as like a family business.”

Although Esposito says most of Take My Wife‘s characters and scenarios aren’t lifted directly from her and Butcher’s lives, she does say, “Thematically, everything in this show has happened.” For example: In the show, Esposito’s character is spending her days prepping for stand-up shows and podcast appearances while Butcher’s has to tend to her day-job duties designing logos before working on her comedy. In real life, Butcher was a graphic designer before pursuing comedy, while Esposito started doing stand-up in college.

“The first time she ever did stand-up, I actually introduced her,” Esposito says. “She is somebody that I knew I wanted to work with right away.”

And luckily, the feeling was mutual. Esposito and Butcher toured for over two years together before getting married, and started working on Take My Wife a month after the wedding.

“We’ve done a lot of stuff together. All of that said, making a TV show with your partner is an utter nightmare, and I would not recommend it,” Esposito says. Then in the same breath: “Also, it’s the best.”

Watch the trailer, premiering exclusively here, above, and see Take My Wife when it debuts on Seeso Aug. 11.

Take My Wife
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